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Son steals 580 million dong while watching house to help his mother

Son steals 580 million dong while watching house to help his mother

Tran Thanh Hoang (31 years old, Da Nang), each time he was asked to look after his house, stole some money from his mother.

On August 21, Hoang was arrested by the Police Department of Son Tra District, Da Nang, to investigate the theft of property.

Police investigated, in early March, Ms. Phuc (29 years old) asked her mother-in-law Phan Thi Sao (53 years old, resident of Nai Hien Dong ward, Son Tra district) to help keep more than one billion dong. Mrs. Sao put money into a plastic bag and put it in a clothes closet in the corner of the bedroom.

Suspect Tran Thanh Hoang. Photo: H.N.

Suspect Tran Thanh Hoang. Photo: H.N.

In early August, Ms Phuc came to regain the amount of money when she was found missing 580 million VND. The incident was reported to the police.

The police of Son Tra district identified the suspect as Tran Thanh Hoang (31 years old, her son Mrs. Sao).

At the police station, Hoang claimed many times that his mother asked him to look after his family and searched and took the money in black plastic bags. When the family was home, Hoang brought her 11-year-old daughter to play, showed her the spot and asked her to take the money for her.

Police determined, Hoang directly stole money 10 times, taking 260 million; instigating her to get 8 times for VND 320 million. This money is used by Hoang for personal spending.

Ngọc Trường Đông Đô University student was suspended his diploma

Dong Do University students have their diploma suspended

More crimes against former student suspected student principal

More crimes against former student suspected student principal

The destructive power if a 370 m meteor hit the Earth

The destructive power if a 370 m meteor hit the Earth

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The man invaded his wife's two illegitimate children

The man invaded his wife's two illegitimate children

Huynh Ngoc Tan (37 years old, living in Lien Chieu District, Da Nang) has attacked two 11-and-14-year-old children of a half-naked wife, causing one grandchild to give birth.

On August 21, Lien Chieu District Police said that they had prosecuted the case of having sexual intercourse with people aged from full 13 to under 16, drawing up a plan to arrest Huynh Ngoc Tan after the suspect finished serving a prison sentence related to drug at the end of August.

According to the investigation, Tan has been living with Ms. Ngoc (38 years old, divorced from her husband) and her two stepchildren, at an inn in Phuoc Ly area, Lien Chieu district, since 2014. Shortly after, Ms. Ngoc pregnant with Tan.

During the time of Ngoc's birth, Tan had sex with her two children, when they were 11 and 14 years old. At the end of 2017, the grandchild gave birth, the mother just discovered and reported it to the police.

Police said that because the incident happened for a long time, the mother came to report when her daughter gave birth, the scene of the hostel was cleared, the 14-year-old granddaughter was limited in behavioral capacity. The process of investigating a case faces many difficulties.

Upon the expiry of the time limit for settling information of the people but not sufficient grounds for accusation, the case must be stopped. In May 2018, Tan was arrested by the police on drug possession and sent to prison in An Diem detention center (Quang Nam).

During this time, the criminal police continued to collect evidence to prosecute the case.

* The woman's name has changed.

Ngọc Trường

The court ordered the arrest of female prostitutes in Saigon to be arrested

The court ordered the arrest of female prostitutes in Saigon to be arrested

The People's Court of Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City, decided to change the preventive measure from banning residence to temporary detention for Ngo Ngoc An, 64 years old.

This action was taken by the People's Court of Binh Tan District to open a trial of Ngo Ngoc An for sexual harassment against people under 16 on August 26.

An at the investigation agency in May. Photo: Police provided.

An at the investigation agency in May. Photo: Police provided.

According to the case file, on the evening of May 12, An walked into the alley by the mechanical workshop on Ma Lo Street, Binh Tri Dong A Ward (Binh Tan District) to find friends. Meeting a 7-year-old girl, he pretended to ask, pulled the baby into his lap, touched the sensitive area, and kissed his mouth.

Male mechanic factory workers discovered the incident, exhorting people to surround An. His behavior was also recorded by nearby security cameras. Two days later, An was arrested and confessed.

In July, the Binh Tan VKS completed a charge of prosecuting An on charges of harassment against a person under the age of 16 and allowed him to be released on bail. The reason is that the accused is sincere in reporting, repenting, having a good personal history, not having a criminal record, committing first crimes, being in less serious cases, having residence places and being told by his family. received.

To oppose this, on August 17, the Ho Chi Minh City Children's Rights Protection Association sent a written request to the People's Court and People's Committee of Binh Tan District to detain An. His bail is not in line with the spirit of fighting against child sexual abuse crimes.

Uyen Trinh - Hai Duyen

Ex-husband sends sensitive photos to new boyfriend, can I sue?

Ex-husband sends sensitive photos to new boyfriend, can I sue?

I have been divorcing for nearly a year, recently having a new relationship but my ex-husband always tries to sabotage. (Lan Anh)

My ex-husband often sends pictures when we were hot to my boyfriend, even slandering me for being "crazy."

I even spotted him for my followers. In this case, can I sue my ex-husband for slander and abuse of personal rights?

The lawyer answered

According to Article 38 of the 2015 Civil Code:

1. Personal life, personal secrets, family secrets are inviolable and protected by law.

2. The collection, storage, use and disclosure of information related to personal life and personal secrets must be agreed upon by that person, the collection, storage, use, and disclosure of related information. In respect of family secrets, the consent of family members is required, unless otherwise provided by law.

So the act of publicizing images when you were still passionate is an act of violating the rights of personal life and personal secrets.

Personal tracking done by licensed detective companies is not a violation of the law.

If slander or invasion of your private life results in honor and reputation damage, you have the right to sue to claim damages from your ex-husband.

Lawyer Quach Thanh Luc

LSX Law Firm

Two motorbike taxi drivers race around Hoan Kiem Lake

Two motorbike taxi drivers race around Hoan Kiem Lake

On August 22, police in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi detained Pham Ngoc Hoang and Dang Viet Tuan to investigate illegal racing behavior.

Standing on his side, Nguyen Van Thang (29 years old, Bac Giang province) was also detained.

Hoang, Tuan and Thang (from left to right) at the police. Photo: Phong Son

Hoang, Tuan and Thang (from left to right) at the police. Photo: Phong Son

According to the authorities, on the evening of August 20, after carrying goods for guests, Tuan and Hoang arrived at the area of ​​Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc square fountain to see 10 to 15 high-speed cars in Hoan Lake area. Sword.

Hoang and Tuan joined the race to run many laps around the lake at a speed of 70-80 km / h. These two young men, along with the racing team, zigzag and honk their horns to endanger road users.

At dawn on August 21, while Tuan and Hoang and the rest of the team rode at the fountain, the Hoan Kiem police task force arrested. Some others quickly fled.

Thắng did not participate in the race but stood outside cheering whenever the car passed his place. Thang also prepared many spare parts and equipment to be repaired and serviced for racing participants.

Viet Dung - Ba Do

The young man 'hunts love' the elderly

The young man 'hunts love' the elderly

Benjamin Field (28 years old, England) confessed to Ann Moore-Martin (80 years old) that made her feel like a young girl.

In February 2017, Ann Moore-Martin (80, England) surprised her granddaughter when she said she was in love with Benjamin Field, less than 57 years old. Ann Moore-Martin used to be the principal, retiring to live alone at Maids Moreton, Buckinghamshire, England.

According to Ann Moore-Martin, the appearance of Benjamin (28 years old) made her feel the sweet aftertaste of childhood love. The lover knows how to build a romantic atmosphere, once even gave her a picture with the words "I will always be with you".

Ann Moore-Martin thought that my prayer touched God so I could find love. Ann Moore-Martin is ready to meet Benjamin's demands such as giving £ 4,400 to buy a new car, and £ 27,000 to cure her brother. The old lady even amended the will so that Benjamin was the only heir, for fear that one day she would die, leaving a young boyfriend helpless.

Hearing this, the niece claimed that Benjamin was a fraud who wanted to steal aunt's property and immediately reported it to the police. The grandson then helped his aunt to correct the will and applied for a ban on Benjamin going to the hospital to visit Ann Moore-Martin.

Through investigation, police discovered Benjamin made a list of more than 100 lonely elderly people deprived of affection, seemingly a list of prey to cheat. Among them is a retired male teacher and amateur writer named Peter Farquhar (69 years old).

Like Ann Moore-Martin, Peter is single, has no children, and is gay. Peter's house is only a few dozen meters from Ann Moore-Martin's house, Ann Moore-Martin knew Benjamin also because of Peter's recommendation.

Peter (left) and Benjamin. Photo: The Guardian.

Peter (left) and Benjamin. Photo: The Guardian.

Authorities learned that Peter and Benjamin were engaged in March 2014. During the engagement, Peter fixed the will for Benjamin to inherit the house. In October 2015, Peter died suddenly at his home, and besides his body, there was half a bottle of whiskey. Everyone thought that Peter drank too much alcohol, the test results also showed that he died of alcohol poisoning.

The police stringed things up, thus suspecting that Benjamin was involved in Peter's death. Through a second autopsy, the forensic examiner determined that the amount of alcohol in Peter's body was not large enough to be poisoned, and that he had a sedative residue in him. According to forensic medicine, the cause of Peter's death is the fact that he suffers from respiratory failure due to the effects of alcohol and sedatives, not excluding the possibility of having a pillow user to suffocate Peter when he is in a state of helpless weakness.

After being arrested by police for suspected murder, Benjamin confessed to the acts. He claimed to go online to buy hallucinogenic drugs and put them in Peter 's tea, cake, chocolate. The doses were small, but in the long run, Peter began to experience hallucinations, sometimes sleepwalking. Before Peter could see the doctor, Benjamin first called the doctor, saying that Peter had been in for years, often stumbling at home so the doctor wouldn't trust the victim.

In addition, in order for the victim to believe he was ill, Benjamin repeatedly hidden Peter's belongings so that he could not find them, making Peter increasingly rely on him. Benjamin said he did so in order to have a better job and inherit the victim's legacy. He denied being involved in Peter's death.

After 10 weeks of trial, on August 9, 2019, Benjamin was convicted of Assault and Fraud on property appropriation, which could face life imprisonment. The court decided the punishment has not been set.

Khang Diep (According to BBC, The Guardian)

After surrendering to an accident, can I get a reduced penalty?

After surrendering to an accident, can I get a reduced penalty?

Colliding a car into a woman, I was so panicked that I ran away from the scene. (Minh Vu)

The time of the accident was 22h, no one on the road so no one knew. A few days later, I came back to investigate, only to know that a person who had been hit by a house nearby was in a coma in the hospital.

I regret so much, I want to take care of her 5-year-old child. If I surrender now, how will I be punished? Is it possible to reduce the crime?

The lawyer answered

According to Article 260 of the 2015 Penal Code, amending and supplementing 2017 for the crime of violating road traffic regulations:

1. Those who join in road traffic and violate the regulations on road traffic safety, causing damage to others in one of the following cases, shall be imposed a fine of between VND 30,000,000 and 100,000. VND 10,000, non-custodial reform for up to 3 years or a prison term of between 1 and 5 years:

b) Inflicting injury on or causing harm to the health of a person with an infirmity rate of 61% or higher.

2. Committing the crime in one of the following circumstances, the offenders shall be sentenced to between 3 and 10 years of imprisonment:

a) Having no driving license as prescribed;

b) In the situation of using alcohol or beer but in the blood or breath the alcohol content exceeds the prescribed level, the use of narcotic substances or other strong stimulants is used;

c) Run away to shirk responsibility or deliberately not helping victims of the accident;

d) Disobeying the orders of the operators or traffic instructions.

If you drive a vehicle that is at fault, violates the traffic safety regulations or the grounds mentioned in Clause 2, Article 260 of the Penal Code, causes the victim to live in a plant, it is likely that the driver will cause an accident. You will be subject to criminal prosecution.

Escaping is too frightening but later failing to report to the nearest police office identified as an act of shirking responsibility. This is one of the prohibited acts under Article 38 of the Road Traffic Law regarding the responsibilities of individuals, agencies and organizations when a traffic accident occurs:

1. Drivers of vehicles and people directly involved in the accident have the following responsibilities:

a) Immediately stop the vehicle, keep the scene of the scene, rescue the victims and be present at the request of competent agencies.

b) Remain at the place of accident until the person of the police office arrives, unless the driver of the vehicle is also injured and must be taken to emergency or must be taken to emergency or due to life-threatening, but must report to the nearest police office immediately.

Your act of surrender will be a fact that mitigates criminal liability, reducing the penalty when you are convicted.

Because the facts of the incident are not detailed, the lawyer cannot give specific and accurate advice about the legal responsibilities you incur. However, based on the list, the analysis above hopes that you will make smart, suitable choices to avoid unnecessary damage to yourself, and may worry about the future of a 5-year-old child, child. of accident victims.

Lawyer Quach Thanh Luc

LSX Law Firm

56 million shares of KSA were manipulated

56 million shares of KSA were manipulated

Ms. Pham Thi Hinh (46 years old, former chairman of VSM Securities Company, and KSA Company) is accused of creating virtual stock transactions.

On August 21, Ms. Hinh and Nguyen Anh Tuan (38 years old, Head of brokerage department of Maritime Securities Company - MSI), Tran Hong Ngoc (38 years old), Nguyen Trong Hung (40 years old) were asked by Hanoi Police. indictment for Crime of manipulating the securities market in case of stock trading breach occurred at Binh Thuan Mineral Industry Joint Stock Company (KSA Company).

According to allegations, in September 2015, KSA Company issued more than 67 million shares with par value of VND 10,000 / share to increase its charter capital from nearly VND 374 billion to over VND 1,000 billion. The company was granted a certificate of public offering by the State Securities Commission within 90 days. However, investors do not buy KSA shares.

In order to be recognized the successful offering results and to approve the depository, Ms. Hinh has made a distribution list of over 56 million shares for 11 individuals and companies - all familiar places. 11 million shares remaining, the company canceled.

Ms. Hinh signed a shareholder book confirming the number of shares distributed to 11 companies and individuals. On November 26, 2015, Vietnam Securities Depository approved the depository of these shares. However, KSA shares have low liquidity and no buyers. Ms. Hinh then asked Tuan to carry out cross-accounts between the accounts to increase prices, keeping the market for this stock code.

In order to "blow prices" and manipulate the market, in early December 2015, Hinh asked employees of VSM and individuals to open 69 trading accounts at many different securities companies. 34 accounts (nearly 24 million shares of KSA) were assigned to Tuan and Hung to conduct transactions themselves. Ms. Hinh and Ngoc manage the remaining securities trading accounts.

According to the allegations, suspects Hinh, Tuan and Hung placed cross-trading orders between accounts at the meeting room of VSM company. After creating virtual transactions, KSA stock price rose sometimes to 60,000 VND / share. Nearly 1,500 investors participated in the sale.

The difference from the above transactions of investors, Ngoc withdrew then transferred to Ms. Hinh's bank account. Sometimes this money is circulated to continue making virtual transactions between accounts to attract investors

In early July 2016, KSA shares simultaneously hit the floor so cross-trading between accounts was stopped.

The investigating agency alleged that the accused created false supply and demand in the market. Nearly 1,500 investors bought 30 million KSA shares (more than VND 180 billion), but sold more than VND 172 billion, suffering losses of VND 8 billion.

On April 9, Hanoi Police commissioned 107 units of police in 54 provinces and cities, verifying 1,420 out of nearly 1,500 victims. There are 124 people and three securities companies are requesting compensation of nearly four billion dong. The rest are not recommended.

Viet Dung

Police officer Dong Nai traffic police were seriously injured by motorbike drivers

Police officer Dong Nai traffic police were seriously injured by motorbike drivers

Tran Ngoc Thao, 42, rammed his motorcycle straight into the Lieutenant Police Department Traffic Police when required to check the alcohol content.

On August 22, Tran Ngoc Thao (from Gia Tan 1 commune) was detained by Thong Nhat district police to investigate the conduct of anti-law enforcement officers.

The scene of the accident. Photo: Thai Ha

The scene of the incident. Photo: Thai Ha.

The afternoon before, Thao drove a motorbike on Provincial Road 768, heading from Long Thanh district to Highway 1A without a helmet, with signs of drunkenness.

When coming to Dau Giay town, Thao was signaled by the traffic police of Thong Nhat district to stop the car to check the alcohol content, but he did not comply.

He rammed the vehicle directly into Lieutenant Tran Trieu Pha, causing both of them to collapse and be taken to emergency. The male police officer broke his pelvis and Thao was rubbed.

Phuoc Tuan

20 people open a 'drug party' in a karaoke bar

20 people open a 'drug party' in a karaoke bar

Fourteen men and six women were caught using drugs at a karaoke bar in Xuan An town (Nghi Xuan, Ha Tinh).

Guests are required to sit still for the police to check. Photo: C.A

In the karaoke bar when the police check. Photo: Police provided

Seeing the police rush into the room, the crowd rushed to run but could not escape.

At the scene, authorities collected 7 fragments of synthetic drug pills; 3 nylon packets of white crystals, suspected to be drugs; two porcelain plates and kits for smoking and related exhibits.

Material evidence seized. Photo: C.A

Material evidence seized. Photo: C.A

Authorities have identified 20 people who were found to be drug-positive. They are being detained, classified by Nghi Xuan district police for testimony, clarifying acts of Illegal possession of narcotics and Organization of illegal use of narcotics under Articles 249 and 255 of the 2015 Penal Code.

A group of young people, who were born in Nghe An, invited each other to buy drugs and took them to Ha Tinh to rent karaoke rooms to "party".

Đức Hùng

Hydroelectric workers were prosecuted for deadly water discharge

Hydroelectric workers were prosecuted for deadly water discharge

Nguyen Van Anh and Tran Quyet Tien (workers of Nam Non Hydroelectric Plant, Nghe An) were accused inadvertently during water discharge operation.

On August 22, Nghe An police said that the two workers were charged with the Accidental Accidental Fatal Detention for breach of administrative rules and bail.

According to records, in the afternoon of 23/5, two suspects have released the drainage door but did not pull the siren as prescribed. Mr. Anh is the leader and Tien is the operator of the Nam Non hydropower plant located in Tuong Duong district (Nghe An).

Without prior notice, Mr. Vi Van May (34 years old) and his younger brother Vi Van Than paddled a boat to drop fish at the foot of a hydroelectric dam, which was unable to escape from this area. The water discharge was strong, so the boat capsized. Mr. Than was rescued by the people and May was swept away by the water. After two hours, the victim's body was found about 30 m from the boat position.

The factory and its related staff agreed to support 695 million dong for the victim's family.

Nguyen Hai

More crimes against former student suspected student principal

More crimes against former student suspected student principal

Mr. Dinh Bang My was charged with additional charges of sexual intercourse or committing other sexual acts with people from full 13 to under 16 years old.

On August 22, the decision to prosecute the second crime and detention with Mr. My (58 years old) was approved by the People's Committee of Phu Tho province. Mr. My is the former headmaster of Secondary School, ethnic boarding high school in Thanh Son district, Phu Tho.

In December of 2018, Mr. My was charged with a crime against a person under the age of 16, according to Clause 2, Article 146 of the Criminal Code 2015. On July 14, after 6 months of detention, Mr. My was released on bail. move away from the residence.

After the Thanh Son district police concluded the investigation proposal to prosecute, in mid-July the People's Court of Thanh Son district returned the file requesting additional investigation of some issues. The case was later transferred to the Investigation Police Department of Phu Tho Province.

Suspected Dinh Bang My was not arrested yet. Photo: VTV.

Suspected Dinh Bang My. Photo: VTV.

According to the conclusions of the police, from the end of 2016 to 2018, Mr. My repeatedly called male students in grades 7, 8, and 9 to the office to remind them of violations and inquire about the learning situation. He then put the children into bed in the office to play a corrupt game.

The principal told the students not to tell anyone and often gave them candy or money from 20,000 to 50,000 VND. When being abused, the victim is under 16 years of age.

Pham Du