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Ru Tinh

Ru the head of the wind I put my hair on the lake
When the new lotus blooms, my life is so fragrant
I love you when I miss Ru my younger brother
Ru for the small leaf litter Fall full of a fall

Ru when the rainy season comes, Ru always loves people
Ru me forever and young A fragrant soul of fruit trees
Ru I waited for her to speak on her pregnancy
Ru you sit still Ru love ah ...

Ru who sat with me forever
Ru who sat with me forever

Ru comedy and velvet, Ru Ru, heel of the pink lotus
I flirted with a wide shirt Just like I accepted the wings
Ru on my way to Cheong to celebrate the birds
I am a swallow of sweet seeds from the heart

Ru brother love like leaves, hundred years still come back
My lips are fire, Life doesn't know that
Please be somewhere, Give me a lullaby
Ru you sit still, I find love.

Ru you sit still. I find love
Ru you sit still. I find love.

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