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Ex-husband sends sensitive photos to new boyfriend, can I sue?

Ex-husband sends sensitive photos to new boyfriend, can I sue?

I have been divorcing for nearly a year, recently having a new relationship but my ex-husband always tries to sabotage. (Lan Anh)

My ex-husband often sends pictures when we were hot to my boyfriend, even slandering me for being "crazy."

I even spotted him for my followers. In this case, can I sue my ex-husband for slander and abuse of personal rights?

The lawyer answered

According to Article 38 of the 2015 Civil Code:

1. Personal life, personal secrets, family secrets are inviolable and protected by law.

2. The collection, storage, use and disclosure of information related to personal life and personal secrets must be agreed upon by that person, the collection, storage, use, and disclosure of related information. In respect of family secrets, the consent of family members is required, unless otherwise provided by law.

So the act of publicizing images when you were still passionate is an act of violating the rights of personal life and personal secrets.

Personal tracking done by licensed detective companies is not a violation of the law.

If slander or invasion of your private life results in honor and reputation damage, you have the right to sue to claim damages from your ex-husband.

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