Thứ Năm, 22 tháng 8, 2019

Hydroelectric workers were prosecuted for deadly water discharge

Hydroelectric workers were prosecuted for deadly water discharge

Nguyen Van Anh and Tran Quyet Tien (workers of Nam Non Hydroelectric Plant, Nghe An) were accused inadvertently during water discharge operation.

On August 22, Nghe An police said that the two workers were charged with the Accidental Accidental Fatal Detention for breach of administrative rules and bail.

According to records, in the afternoon of 23/5, two suspects have released the drainage door but did not pull the siren as prescribed. Mr. Anh is the leader and Tien is the operator of the Nam Non hydropower plant located in Tuong Duong district (Nghe An).

Without prior notice, Mr. Vi Van May (34 years old) and his younger brother Vi Van Than paddled a boat to drop fish at the foot of a hydroelectric dam, which was unable to escape from this area. The water discharge was strong, so the boat capsized. Mr. Than was rescued by the people and May was swept away by the water. After two hours, the victim's body was found about 30 m from the boat position.

The factory and its related staff agreed to support 695 million dong for the victim's family.

Nguyen Hai