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The young man 'hunts love' the elderly

The young man 'hunts love' the elderly

Benjamin Field (28 years old, England) confessed to Ann Moore-Martin (80 years old) that made her feel like a young girl.

In February 2017, Ann Moore-Martin (80, England) surprised her granddaughter when she said she was in love with Benjamin Field, less than 57 years old. Ann Moore-Martin used to be the principal, retiring to live alone at Maids Moreton, Buckinghamshire, England.

According to Ann Moore-Martin, the appearance of Benjamin (28 years old) made her feel the sweet aftertaste of childhood love. The lover knows how to build a romantic atmosphere, once even gave her a picture with the words "I will always be with you".

Ann Moore-Martin thought that my prayer touched God so I could find love. Ann Moore-Martin is ready to meet Benjamin's demands such as giving £ 4,400 to buy a new car, and £ 27,000 to cure her brother. The old lady even amended the will so that Benjamin was the only heir, for fear that one day she would die, leaving a young boyfriend helpless.

Hearing this, the niece claimed that Benjamin was a fraud who wanted to steal aunt's property and immediately reported it to the police. The grandson then helped his aunt to correct the will and applied for a ban on Benjamin going to the hospital to visit Ann Moore-Martin.

Through investigation, police discovered Benjamin made a list of more than 100 lonely elderly people deprived of affection, seemingly a list of prey to cheat. Among them is a retired male teacher and amateur writer named Peter Farquhar (69 years old).

Like Ann Moore-Martin, Peter is single, has no children, and is gay. Peter's house is only a few dozen meters from Ann Moore-Martin's house, Ann Moore-Martin knew Benjamin also because of Peter's recommendation.

Peter (left) and Benjamin. Photo: The Guardian.

Peter (left) and Benjamin. Photo: The Guardian.

Authorities learned that Peter and Benjamin were engaged in March 2014. During the engagement, Peter fixed the will for Benjamin to inherit the house. In October 2015, Peter died suddenly at his home, and besides his body, there was half a bottle of whiskey. Everyone thought that Peter drank too much alcohol, the test results also showed that he died of alcohol poisoning.

The police stringed things up, thus suspecting that Benjamin was involved in Peter's death. Through a second autopsy, the forensic examiner determined that the amount of alcohol in Peter's body was not large enough to be poisoned, and that he had a sedative residue in him. According to forensic medicine, the cause of Peter's death is the fact that he suffers from respiratory failure due to the effects of alcohol and sedatives, not excluding the possibility of having a pillow user to suffocate Peter when he is in a state of helpless weakness.

After being arrested by police for suspected murder, Benjamin confessed to the acts. He claimed to go online to buy hallucinogenic drugs and put them in Peter 's tea, cake, chocolate. The doses were small, but in the long run, Peter began to experience hallucinations, sometimes sleepwalking. Before Peter could see the doctor, Benjamin first called the doctor, saying that Peter had been in for years, often stumbling at home so the doctor wouldn't trust the victim.

In addition, in order for the victim to believe he was ill, Benjamin repeatedly hidden Peter's belongings so that he could not find them, making Peter increasingly rely on him. Benjamin said he did so in order to have a better job and inherit the victim's legacy. He denied being involved in Peter's death.

After 10 weeks of trial, on August 9, 2019, Benjamin was convicted of Assault and Fraud on property appropriation, which could face life imprisonment. The court decided the punishment has not been set.

Khang Diep (According to BBC, The Guardian)